..: Dec 18, 2015

Friday, December 18

My Daughter Was In The Surf City Christmas Parade!

Every year, Huntington Beach has a very small, home town style Christmas parade on Main Street by the pier.
The parade started out with the K-Earth Surf Pig mobile, and of course Mr. Surf Pig was all decked out for Christmas.
Next came the"Surfing Priest", How many cities have a surfing priest I wonder??
Here is the mayor of Huntington Beach, Jill Hardy. Nice car Jill!
Then came some pretty cool vintage cars.....
Next came my daughters High School Band.  Two of the High Schools participated in the parade. Huntington Beach has four High Schools total.

My daughter is in the band's color guard. Since she's my foster Daughter, I'm not allowed to post pictures of her on the internet.  So every time you see a girl with her face covered by a Christmas decoration, that's her!

We're so proud of her!

There was a beautiful Sunset at the end of the parade.