..: Oct 11, 2009

Sunday, October 11

Bowers Museum Skylight

I wish I had something like this at my house!

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Mosaic Monday

I know, this isn't much of a mosaic, but I just had to show the pictures my husband took of some huge spider webs in our front yard. He only took three, so that's why my mosaic is so puny. Anyhoo, October around here is when the spider population seems to take off. I am not a spider fan. I do recognize how great they are for our garden, but the garden spiders we get are huge and they make huge webs in walk ways. If you've ever walked into a huge spider web, you never want to do it twice. The pictures I have here aren't the best focus, sorry honey, I know you tried! I think if you click on the bottom picture, you might be able to see what looks like a clothes line going across our yard, but it's actually spider line. Eek!

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