..: May 6, 2016

Friday, May 6

The Farmers Market and Starting A Healthy Family Fun Night

My husband, Charles. He is the nicest, kindest person I've ever known. I love him with every once of my being. I can't believe that God blessed me so much by putting him in my life. He is a special education teacher who works with autistic children. He has the patience of a saint and the children he works with love him. 

Being a teacher has it's many rewards, but one drawback though, is that a teachers job ends every Summer for 12 weeks. Have you ever tried to apply for a Summer job that you only plan to be at for 12 weeks?  They are few and far in between.  I am employed 12 months a year, but it's still really tight for those 12 weeks. 

To combat this, my husband got a second job at the local movie theater for the past several years. During the school year he works his second job only once a week on Saturday. When it's summertime, his second job is already in place and they increase his hours for the Summer. Financially, it works great. And we were taking our family for free to movies every Tuesday. It's a big huge, fancy theater which includes 3D movies and leather seats FOR. FREE.

I can't count how many movies we've seen.  But then I started to notice how tired my husband was becoming. He would never complain. So I asked him exactly what he has to do at his second job. After learning how physically demanding his job was, we talked about whether or not he should continue working there. I enjoyed the free movies, but at what cost to my husbands health and well being?  Before he worked at the theater ,we used to just wait until new movies came out in Redbox. We can do that again. I left it up to him as to whether or not to quit, but I told him I would like him to quit. To my relief, he left his second job after awhile. 

Now he can really enjoy his entire weekend and he's doesn't fall asleep in his recliner all the time. 

So what should we do now for family fun night? I'm now really budgeting and saving for Summertime, so spending a large amount of money once a week won't work.  Then I remembered that every Tuesday down by the Huntington Beach Pier, there's a farmer's market.  Because we were always going to the movies on Tuesday, we hadn't been down to the farmer's market in ages. 

I thought it might be a nice change to walk around at the beach and sample fresh produce and each member of the family can pick out a fresh fruit or vegetable to take home and at the same time help support our local farmer's. A nice healthy change from sitting and eating candy at the movies. 

We were able to park close to the Farmer's market across the street for the Huntington Beach International Surf Museum. It was closed.  I think we're going to visit that soon too, it's been ages since I've been in there.

                                I love the hand painted mural on the side of the museum.

             The museum is housed in one of the few remaining historical buildings left

                                                                 Daughter number one

                                                                  Daughter number two
Foster Dad of The Year

          The were a lot of street entertainers and even a bounce house for the little ones.

I was thrilled to see my picky eater help herself  to all kinds of healthy free samples.

This was a very entertaining produce booth. The farmer made all kinds of incredible things from 
apples and kept the children amazed and amused. 

                                             We were also entertained with  a free rock concert!

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