..: Nov 27, 2009

Friday, November 27

Bottom-Of-The Christmas-Tree Decoration Tutorial

I found this white, pre-lit Christmas tree at Walmart for only $35.00!

I love the look of a Christmas tree skirt under the tree, it finishes the whole look off, and hides wires and plastic tree feet. The problem is, my four cats think that it's some type of invitation for them to sleep under the tree. Tree skirts don't look very attractive covered in cat hair.

So I came up with this frugal, simple solution:

Since it is way too early for us to have any presents under the tree, I decided to make a few "props", hehe.

I used some gift boxes, just the white, but you can use any color you desire. I simply traced out room for the feet, and then cut to fit, it doesn't need to be perfect.

I made two identical boxes for the base, and used the first one I cut out as the pattern for the second.

The top of the box only needs a slot cut on the side to match up with the bottom piece.

I stuffed the boxes with plastic grocery bags to help the boxes keep their shape.

After they were stuffed, I taped the tops and bottoms together.

This is what the finished product looks like, very simple.

I attached them just so, you can place yours closer together if you want. This gave me room to place a lot of faux presents on top and hide some wiring.

Here's the fun part. I found some empty boxes. And I bought some shiny silver paper and a roll of postal paper at the 99 Cent Store.

I went through my gift wrapping stash.

I LOVE the postal paper and it can be used for any occasion. I used very little tape and I can reuse everything later in the season if I want to.

I love the pearls.....

I love the hologram design in this silver paper. I used white raffia and a touch of glittery yarn.

There we go! And not a cat in sight!

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