..: Nov 12, 2010

Friday, November 12

More Holiday Decorating With Burlap And Sparkly Pipe Cleaners

I made some no-sew Christmas stockings with my beloved hot glue gun.
I found these at the dollar store when I was searching for some white Christmas stockings.
I thought they were pretty cute,
but do you think that I could
leave well enough alone?

 I wanted to tie them into my beach themed Christmas I'm creating this year.
 I cut the burlap I had so that at least one end
had the non fray-able edge to it and placed that edge at the top.
I hot glued it on first. I then took this already finished piece of fabric and lace that I found at a yard sale and hot glued it over the fray-able bottom edge of the burlap. 

 I cut out a seahorse on felt using a stencil. I hot glued the seahorse, some shells and some silver pipe cleaners for the monogram and seahorse eye.

If I wasn't using a beach theme, I probably could have cut out a snowman shape and glued on white buttons instead of the shells. There are so many ways to go with this, angels and feathers would be super cute too.   

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