..: Aug 10, 2011

Wednesday, August 10

My Top Ten Fav Picks From Masterpiece Monday #32

I love Summer!
The ocean was nice and warm last weekend and the waves were perfect for a little boogie boarding.

This little fella just wanted to find a discarded snack.
They were holding the U.S. Open Surfing championships by the pier.
They also had a skate board competition and skateboard champ Tony Hawk was there.
These guys were kept pretty busy with all of the tourists.
There were a few beautiful sailboats to watch.......
And even a blimp!

Then Charles spotted something. (He's not grumpy, it's just really bright and he's squinting)

He said "Hey look, there's a para-sailor!
"Wow, ya don't see those out there too often!" says I.
This looks like fun, although for someone else, not me.
You see, I'm a wee bit afraid of heights! This would certainly freak me out.
What would you do if you suddenly wanted down? I know, I'm a big baby. That person is probably having a blast!
Check out the body surfer I captured in this picture! I didn't even notice that till I edited my pictures at home later. ( See him in the left bottom corner?)
There they go.... blowing around without a care in the world.
Have you ever done this?  Was it fun?
And now for  the top ten.
As usual there were so many great projects! If your project was featured this week, feel free to help yourself to a featured button from my side bar.

Organizing Center by Mamie Jane's

Pumpkins by The Charm Of Home

Old Writing Desk by Custom Comforts

DIY Vintage French Tea Towels by Confessions Of A Plate Addict

Sea Glass Votive Candle Holder by The Single Nester

Beach Style At Home by Walnut And Vine

Girls Camp Crafts by Second Chances By Susan

Elegant Waterside 037
Elegant Waterside Table by The Tablescaper

Grandmother's Dresser by Vintage Afterthoughts

Recycled Ties by The Cranky Queen