..: Jul 5, 2009

Sunday, July 5

Mosaic Monday: Twilight Table "Romantic Picnic in The Meadow"

You might be thinking, "Hmmm........ why is she posting a tablescape on Monday instead of Thursday? Can she really DO that?!" Please, do not be alarmed...... please, do not attempt to adjust your dial........ this is just a preview of the tablescape I'm setting tomorrow at the Orange County Fair. I've set it up at home first to test it out. As I stated last week, I'm entering the tablescape competition at the fair! :O) I've been planning this tablescape since last year when I saw the movie Twilight. Since that time I've seen some really nice Twilight tables in blogland and have been yearning to make my own version. (My theme is, 'Romantic picnic in the meadow') I really loved the meadow scene in Twilight and created a centerpiece that would look something like the meadow in Forks, WA. I collected some fallen tree branches from the park and painted them green (Forks is VERY green) and glued on moss and placed them in a clear moss lined vase. I also glued moss and purple status flowers to two frames, one is the menu the other is a picture of the meadow scene from Twilight with some glitter paper added and it says "Do I dazzle you?" I also Incorporated the black/red/white theme from the book cover and tried to give the table a sense of vintage romance (Edward is 109!) I added other touches like the vintage deer shaped salt shaker to depict the opening scene of Twilight where Edward catches a deer with his bare hands. also, Lightning bolt champagne flutes to depict the baseball scene from the movie. I'm glad that I made a test table, because the loose moss I want to put on the table is messy, so now I know to be more careful at the fair. I'll be posting pictures of my Twilight table after it has been set up at the fair for Tablescape Thursday, part two. You can click on the mosaic to enlarge the pictures.
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