..: Feb 12, 2012

Sunday, February 12

Welcome To The 59th Masterpiece Monday!

I just wanted to say thank you, for all of your wonderful words of congratulations and prayers for my new daughter. It really meant a lot to me and it was like having a little celebration.

Anyway, since we've always fostered boys, we were waiting all of this time for a boy we thought. No particular reason really, except that the room was decorated in a very "boy cave" looking way, and we were use to having them placed with us.

I was excited that we were being offered a girl for a change! But I knew I had to "unboy cave" the room some (with only a few days notice!)  So here are a few photos I took before she moved in.......

I pulled my own desk and dresser out of my craft room, which was the fastest way to get new furniture for this room!
The carpet used to be in my living room way back when I decorated in red. I kept it rolled up in the garage, I'm glad I hung onto it. The chair is from the living room.
The curtains I bought at BB and B 15 years ago! I bought them hoping for a girl and they've been waiting for her all of this time.
I decorated her room a little beachy, with a pink shell full of chalk so she can write on her dresser.
The first drawer says "welcome" and her name, so I can't show it.
She has her own bathroom and she loves Anthony's bunk bed. I'm pretty sure I'm going to paint it white, even though I'm already backed up on painting projects! But what's one more project?
Anyway, now that she's all moved in, it's full of teenager stuff and looks really girly, yay!

And now for my room. Here's the big pet peeve....no, not the wrinkled sheets!  I like those. The thing that has been bugging me every single night, is that space between the mattress and headboard!
 My pillows fall down behind the mattress to the floor. I don't dust that area very often, because well, I have 500 million other things to do every day besides dusting that little area!  My pillows get covered in dust and I'm allergic to dust and dust mites and I have asthma.  I get tired of changing and washing pillow cases. But I like having a lot of pillows. So, I've had this idea in my mind for some time now....I was going to buy stuffing and fabric and make a large bolster. Puh, who am I kidding?
  But then I realized when I was trying to turn the "boy cave" into a girly~girl room, that I had all of these extra boy cave looking blankets and not enough room to store them. So I rolled them all up inside my pretty white bedspread....
 Viola! An instant bed bolster for free! And now I have more storage room.
 The blankets make it a nice sturdy barrier with no sewing!
 And it's kitty cat approved.
Why didn't I think of this before? It was so easy,DUH!

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